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We were very happy with the services we received from Safe Beginnings Childproofing. Neal was a pleasure to work with; he took the time to review our needs, provide an estimate, and complete our requests in one visit. We were especially pleased with the baby gates he installed on our stairs, as we had tried and failed to find something that would work for our banisters. We definitely will be recommending him to anyone looking for help with childproofing!

Jen B.

Marlborough, MA - 11/02/2019

I had an open staircase in my living room that led to a finished basement.  It was a difficult place to install a childgate since the steps extended into the living area.  Neal came up with a perfect solution that provides needed safety but also looks good!   I heartily recommend him.


Lexington, MA - 11/19/2019

I highly recommend this service to others as a great value.

Neal is professional in the way he interacts with customers, and in the quality work that he delivers. He listened to my questions/concerns about areas that I thought might be issues, and presented his recommendations for higher versus lower priority baby-proofing needs, based on his professional and also personal experiences.  His perspective was very helpful because in theory almost anything can be super-duper baby-proofed, and might be above and beyond what is really practical or needed.  His recommendations gave me peace of mind about what areas to focus on.  I love that once I selected which things I wanted baby-proofed, it was then completed in the same day!

Overall, this service offers peace of mind, and is a HUGE time saver, mentally & physically (all of which is what we need as new parents!).  Before I found Safe Beginnings Childproofing, I had already spent a tremendous amount of time researching (a) what needed to be baby-proofing, (b) which products to use for each area, and (c) then ordering and installing.  It was incredibly time-consuming, and difficult to be really confident about what products would really get the job done for a good price.  This service is totally worth it to be done and over with painlessly in one day.



Rebecca L.

Medford, MA - 10/24/2019

Neal was wonderful to work with and the entire process was easy and straightforward from start to finish.  He was very accommodating with finding a date to come out and he made practical suggestions to keep the house safe for our baby but also minimize drilling and other damage to the house itself.  By the end of the day I felt so much better about having our crawling baby exploring the house.  The safety, peace of mind and ease of the process was worth every dollar.


Providence - 11/14/2019